September 2023

Books Reading:

Shadow of the Torturer & The Claw of the Conciliator by Gene Wolfe - These books are amazing, been listening to them on audiobook that was from a cassette. Non-stop action, I love the way Gene Wolfe writes, requires 100% attention.
Yumi and the Nightmare Painter by Brandon Sanderson - this was okay… idk after listening to Shadow of the torturer, it just seems uninspired. The characters hold tropes that I don’t really like, shy stupid man, girl boss. Just lazy.
Doing Agile Right by Darrell Rigby - Read during the Agile Book Club, this was a great book for learning how to transition a team of non-agile team/orgs to agile. A very step-wise process, seems apt for the current climate. Unfortunate that we only have 5 people reading this book.

Music Listening:

Ovlov - Buds - Took this from Nick, love this band, very versatile
Bibio - BIB10 - Alwaysed loved Bibio, can’t believe I hadn’t listened to this album yet. It’s INCREDIBLE. ★★★★★

Games Playing:

WoW Hardcode, Baldur’s Gate 3, Void Strangers


It’s finally cooling down.

Solomon update:

Solomon has been saying strings of words now… “Mommy and Daddy in bed”, “Goats eating grass”, just an explosion of words. He’s been obsessed with Spidey and his amazing friends show. Has been saying a really scuffed version of “I Love You”.