September 2022

Books Reading:

The Cold Start Problem By: Andrew Chen

  • great book on exploring how tech’s most successful products and companies solved the dreaded “cold start problem” by using network effects to launch and ultimately scale to billions of users.
    Who: The A Method for Hiring By: Geoff Smart, Randy Street
  • enjoyed this book a ton, learned about a 4 step protocol for hiring that produces A player results. Here is a link of a comprehensive summary
    The Prince By: Niccolo Machiavelli
  • been wanting to read this since I hear so much about him in conspiracy theories. Best summary I can think of is an 1500’s version of the Art of War, where there is more politics and even more wicked people. A never ending quote machine of a book.


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We’ve gotten so much done at work, many more contracts, including new concepts like 1155’s and soulbound NFTs.

MTGOX is finally doing KYC to repay their creditors.

Solomon is walking everywhere now, it only took him a couple weeks of constantly falling to become very proficient. He still falls, but is much more consistent! He had his first birthday, where he dressed up as baby mario and I was yoshi.