Perception shifting hacks


These are a list of positions you can take in your mind that radically shift your perception on life.

Talk to one another as if you were talking to your grandmother.

Frame of mind: Replace the person you talk to with your grandmother or some other person who you consider to be the most loved person in your life.

  • Would you curse at your grandmother?
  • Would you use courteous language to your grandmother? (Yes ma’am, No ma’am)

Treat one another as if you would want the other person to want to be in a relationship with you.

Frame of mind: Replace the other person with someone who does amazing things for you.

  • Would you always help a friend when they ask?
  • If your relationship with your partner wanes, wouldn’t it be best to continue doing significant things for them?

Treat yourself as if you were a child that you are taking care of.

Frame of mind: Replace yourself as a healthy child of which you would be inherently more strict for.

  • Would you let a child you were taking care of eat unhealthy foods?
  • Would you let a child stay up late at night playing video games?
  • Would you let a child shirk on their responsibilities?