July 2022

Books Reading:

Clean Craftsmanship: Disciplines, Standards, and Ethics (Robert C. Martin Series) 1st Edition


  • Contributed to an open source [Heroku Buildpack for python graphviz][https://github.com/weibeld/heroku-buildpack-graphviz/pull/18].
    • Used for graphing models in Django.
  • Updated and documented my django REST template app.
  • Finished reading how NextJS works.
    • How pages and routes are created and rendered, client/server side.
    • How the compiling, minifying, and bundling works.
  • Learned how to deploy a NextJS app with Vercel.
    • apply environment variables and pipelines
  • Read all of Redux’s documentation on hooks.
    • Importance of defining typed hooks.
    • useDispatch and useSelector and how to use them.
  • Read all of Redux Toolkit (RTK) - Query on how to build clean API hooks for React.
    • Mainly in the customizing query getting automatic auth, retries, and refreshing working.


This month I joined open3 as a Senior Software Engineer, working on the architecture of their client and backend admin. After my first week of being able to work in a React, NextJS, and Redux environment, I began the journey of mastering one of the holes in my software career: building responsive websites. I’ve built robust backends and iOS apps with complex logic and tons of tests, but never a react app. So this is a wonderful learning experience as you may see in the computing category! The team is also very active and inspiring, it’s been a wonderful couple weeks with them so far.

Smoked a side of a salmon with:

  1. Curing for 8 hours
    • 1 1/2 salt
    • 1 1/2 brown sugar
    • some garlic powder
  2. Drying in the fridge 8 hour by washing the salt and brown sugar and wrapping in plastic wrap
  3. Smoking for 4 hours.