Miscarriage is Inevitable

Miscarriage is Inevitable

In the realm where divine whispers weave through fate, A silent decree, a cosmic dance too intricate to narrate. We, mere mortals, in a vast design we cannot comprehend, Grasping at the reins of existence, we pretend.

The vessel of life, stirred by unseen hands, Embarked on a journey, obeying celestial commands. Nausea’s relentless waves, sleep’s heavy shroud, Signs misread, in life’s echo, whispers turned loud.

“Why?” we ask, in the silent aftermath, The divine script unfurls along its own path. Perhaps, in the tempest, a resolve born anew, Or in the quiet spaces between us, a love we’re guided to renew.

The inevitable uttered, a truth stark, unkind, A future imagined, now unbound, undefined. Yet, in this surrender, a freedom we find, In the things we can’t control, peace of mind.

The tapestry of existence, threads of pain and grace, In each loss, a hidden purpose, a divine trace. We’re held in the gaze of the unseen, the eternal embrace, Guided through the labyrinth, by love’s silent grace.