August 2022

Books Reading:

Gaddafi’s “The Green Book”


Project Name Token Contract Distributor Contract Open Sea
Down Bad Degen 0x7b092ea548206474a1b970bc33a273bac3173b51 N/A here
Expanding Minds 0x3f49f7329b5525c55b0152b29f7cb77d04e2f97c N/A here
Walter Ego 0x799CcCb6D0C57345c4DAB303c81A5CDffbCDEa76 N/A here
The Cursed Cats 0xc48d80fDede4c8A92c9eB96EdD8C16cDcB609Db2 N/A here
Sweetheart Grips 0xD38D3a097AFc8f7b161884e38815363fFC0d4dc0 N/A here
MetaFaces / RandomCrew 0x32eE6832B36D3EE20e765894f0FA921C65ffdc48 0x318a9c476797c06d8ed225eb183c3a8da742954f here
Masters of Meditation 0x51b4aD1eDEC65628E3F46fA8668437E03d9b9c9A 0x5B9AabD50a2dDf3F079Fd8f2339d38A918B252F8 here
How To Paint The Joker 0x691DC068CAaC48c47596eDB41E35a59E0806B68b 0x52AEC50bE9c976c115CD62076419e00Cd41cBA94 here
  • updated swiftchan to show progress downloading on webms, images, and gifs


The past month has been a lot of work. We deployed all these projects, and minted out 4 or 5 of them! I officially know how to do React work and how to build, test, and deploy smart contracts from beginning to end on Ethereum. It’s been an incredibly fulfilling set of work that has really leveled me up as an Engineer and a Team player. Thanks to the whole open3 team, it’s been an amazing time so far!

This month was my birthday, had a good one with Angela making my favorite dish she makes: Orange Chicken with stick rice and tempura vegetables.

We bought 14 more chicks this month to replace some of the ones that didn’t make it through last years winter/summer.

We went to the Green family reunion and my Great Aunt Faye died while we were there. It was a pretty wild experience, one moment she was there taking pictures with us and the next she was getting taken out with an ambulance. She died on the way to the hospital. It was surreal feeling the mortality of everyone in the room, especially the last remaining family members of our original family.

Solomon keeps saying HEY and UH-OH. He began taking his first steps this month unassisted, it’s very cool to be a witness to him learning so quickly.

Gas prices keep going down.

Not excited to see more about the Federal Reserves FedNow. Seems like a CBDC is soon over the horizon.