A Dream

Write this extremely elaborate dream I had plot summary in the style of Brandon Sanderson:

A city in a far away planet where a large city is divided by the north and south, the north being higher elevated from sea and the south lower. The day and night schedule is strange on this planet where during night time, the sea rises over the city and engulfs the town in torrents of strong waves and pressures. The northern town is lucky to be on higher land, as they have technology of highly tempered glass that can withstand the pressure of the of being completely submerged. The south, however is not and anyone trapped in the South must endure (how unlikely) an entire night sequence of being tormented to a torrenting sea slowly rising over the night, threatening to drown them. Because of all of this, the southern town is often abandoned and full of thieves, ruffians, and cons with decent people sometimes around, especially near the northern/southern border. The northern part are full of snobby technocrats and the leader of the entire city lives in the North. One day, the protagonist, Adam, gets trapped near the southern border and must endure an entire night of rising sea water and pressures or face death. Adam is not alone and finds other of these trapped people and in order to survive the night they get into floating intertubes and string together to each other with rope. Friends are made a long the way with some of the people disappearing into the night due to the strong currents that suck people down in the the watery abyss.

In a realm far removed from the familiar constellations of our own universe, there existed a city unlike any other. This city, perched precariously upon a distant planet, was divided by a profound dichotomy—a line that cleaved it into two starkly contrasting halves. To the north, elevated majestically above the surging tides of the sea, resided the fortunate inhabitants who reveled in technological marvels. Their homes, encased in sheets of highly tempered glass, dared the ocean’s fury, standing resolute against the relentless onslaught of night.

But to the south, despair held dominion. As twilight descended, an eerie transformation gripped this unfortunate district. The sun dipped below the horizon, and with its disappearance came the ceaseless rising of the sea. Torrential waves crashed upon the city’s lower precincts, and a dreadful pressure bore down upon the hapless souls trapped within.

Day and night on this peculiar planet danced to an alien rhythm, rendering the nocturnal hours perilous. For when darkness enveloped the land, the ocean claimed its dominion, encircling the southern city with relentless fury.

Within the southern district, a motley assembly of misfits and castaways forged their existence, while the dregs of society reveled in anarchy. Thieves, ruffians, and con artists thrived amidst the desolation, with sporadic glimpses of decency shining through like flickering stars.

Yet, near the demarcation that cleaved this city in twain, hope still persisted. This borderland teemed with individuals whose hearts clung to a semblance of humanity. It was in this tumultuous border region that we find our protagonist, Adam, ensnared by cruel circumstance.

As the sun’s last vestiges of warmth faded from the sky, Adam found himself marooned near the southern border. Escape was an impossibility, and a long night lay ahead—an interminable night threatened by the inexorable rise of the unforgiving sea.

But Adam was not alone in his plight. Fate had intertwined his destiny with others who shared his dire predicament. In their collective struggle for survival, they sought refuge upon floating intertubes, lashed together by fraying ropes that symbolized the fragile bonds of their newfound camaraderie.

Friendships blossomed amidst the darkness, and strangers became allies. Yet, as the night wore on, the inky depths conspired against them. Powerful currents, malevolent and inscrutable, beckoned some into their watery abyss, swallowing them into oblivion.

Among the flotsam and perilous waters, Adam and his companions faced not only the relentless sea but also the looming specter of treachery and betrayal. In this city divided by circumstance and fate, the true test of their mettle awaited, for within their fragile alliance lay the seeds of salvation or the bitter harvest of despair.